David Brown - President

Experience: 25 Yrs.

  Estimating, Project management, Large and small log mills, Veneer and plywood plants, Particle board plants, LVL plants


Rick King - Project Supervisor

Experience: 35 Yrs.

Expertise: Large and Small Log Mills, Planer Mills, Veneer and Plywood Plants, Particle Board Plants, Dry Kilns, LVL Plants

Jay Collins - Project Supervisor

Experience: 12 Yrs.

Expertise: Planer Mills, Veneer and Plywood Plants, Large and small log mills, Particle board plants, Dry kilns, Mining equipment

Patrick Malonson - Project Supervisor / Estimator

Experience: 8 Yrs.

Expertise: Planer Mills, Veneer and Plywood Plants, Small Log Mills, Particle Board Plants, Dry Kilns

Richard Tidwell - General Foreman

Experience: 20 Years

Expertise: Planer mills, Veneer and plywood plants, Large and small log mils, Particle board plants, Dry kilns, Mining equipment

About BMI Contractors

BMI Contractors, Inc. was established in 1983 to meet a growing demand for high quality, merit shop mechanical installation. Since thenBMI Contractors, Inc. has completed hundreds of projects in a growing range of industries. Although we have enjoyed considerable growth over time, several constants remain. They are quality workmanship, innovative thinking and timely completion.

The formula for the success of BMI Contractors, Inc. is simple. We hire and train the best people to supervise our projects and furnish them with highly skilled crews. When we take on a project we are personally involved from top to bottom and refuse to take short cuts where quality is concerned. The result is a tightly run, on time, high quality job at a reasonable cost.

If you are planning a project involving site work, concrete, steel erection, machinery installation or building erection, give us a call. While you are at it, feel free to contact any of our customers for a first hand report of our capabilities. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and trust we will be talking soon.